Guaranteed catch of fish in Vuoksi

In Vuoksi Fishing Park you can get fishing permits to the Vuoksi and Saimaa, as well as professional advice. The area has a salmon pool and its own smokehouse, which fishermen can use.

In the river Vuoksi there lives trout, grayling, whitefish, vendace, salmon, rainbow trout, pike, bream and perch.


Fishing options:

  • Trolling
  • Ice fishing
  • Pole fishing
  • Fly fishing
  • Fishing from the pool
  • Professional fishing guides at your service
  • Guided fishing tours in Lake Saimaa and the Vuoksi (Silver Shark fishing boat, 100 hp engine, together with a guide)

Equipment rent:

boat / day 30  € / 20 €  1-2h
spinning rod / day 30 €
fishing rod / day 7 €
netting / day 3 €
pool fishing 7 €/h + fish price